Ask Before You Hire: Cabinet Refinishing Questions To Find A True Professional

You’re ready to hire, great! You’re not going to regret it. If you find a true professional, that is. Many people want to pay for the service and only come back once the job is complete. However, we’re here to tell you: that is a mistake. There are many ways to refinish your cabinets. And just like anything else, you get what you pay for! It’s important for you to understand just what it is that you’re paying for before you commit. We’ve put together a few starter questions for you to help weed out the amateurs.

-How many days do you estimate your team will take from start to completion?

This answer will vary greatly depending on your circumstances. This is why we always recommend asking the contractor before starting any project. This way you know what to expect. Variables to consider are: size and condition of the cabinets being refinished, dry-time of your specific product choice, number of paint colors being used and more.

-Does the job come backed by any warranty for failure against workmanship?

It’s a good idea to see if your investment will be covered by a warranty. Standard industry (and what we offer our clients) is one-year against any failure caused by adhesion error. Many companies have a warranty attached to their products as well in case of a paint or primer failure.

-Do you offer a dustless sanding environment for the cabinet refinishing process?

This part isn’t required but it sure helps. For best cabinet refinishing results, see if your contractor offers a dustless sanding environment. This eliminates the chance of dust and dirt particles attaching to the fresh paint and will ensure the best possible finish. FESTOOL has several options for compact and environmentally friendly dust extraction.

-What type of finish will you be using? 

It’s important to know how your cabinets will be painted. Will your contractor be delivering an inferior finish (such as brush/roll or airless spray)? Or will you be receiving a more superior finish (such as HVLP or assisted airless spray)?